Additional Discounts

MONEY everywhere! BONUSES everywhere! And, yes, they CAN be combined!

Up to $1,000 Owner Loyalty Bonus Cash
…if you or someone in your household owns a Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Saturn, Scion, or Isuzu and you finance/lease a new vehicle with us. 
Up to $1,000 Conquest Lease Bonus Cash
…if you want to end your non-Mitsubishi lease early, we will pay up to three of your remaining payments-up to a total of $1,000-to help you end that lease. 
$500 Owner Loyalty Bonus Cash 
…on Lancer or Evolution.
$500 Military Bonus Cash
…if you are active or retired military.
$500 VIP Bonus Cash
…if you qualify for the Mitsubishi VIP program (you work for or have retired from, or know someone who works or has retired from, one of 400 companies that will sponsor you!) 

All offers on new vehicles only. Please ask for details. All additional savings may be combined. Advertised prices include all factory rebates in lieu of low rate financing.

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